Illuminate your senses, embrace tranquility with our candles.


We are a professional chinese supplier of candles, candle snuffer set, candle holders, and related products, offer you the most cost-effective candle wholesale services.

various candles

Offers different kinds of candles, including scented candles, pillar candles, taper candles, flameless candles, bubble candles, tealights,  votives and shaped candles.

various waxes

In addition to paraffin, we make candles using various of eco-friendly and sustainable raw material, including soy wax, beeswax, and coconut wax.


Offers personalized candles customized services to your individual preferences. Choose your fragrance, color, size, and even logo or labels for a unique product.


Why Choose Us?
  • We have wide variety of candles and candle-related products, meet both your and your customers' diverse needs.
  • The purchase raw material wax in bulk allows us to reduced the production costs of candles, leading to reduced your wholesale prices.
  • Through our strong supplier network of raw material wax, we can guarantee the consistent production of candles.
  • We have excellent professional product designers and perfumers, mastering the market trends of scented candles.
  • We ensure the fastest services response times, and provide you the most efficient and professional custom services.
  • The factory adheres to strict quality control processes, that ensuring every candle meets your standards.
  • Apart from our candle wholesale services, we can also assist you in procuring other products, catering to your diverse needs.
Reviews from Wholesalers and Retailers

"I realy like to wholesale scented candles from your company, because the candles are high quality and my customers' feedback is great. Especially your vanilla scented candles, that brought so many loyal repeat customers to my store, thanks."


"I have 3 scented candle stores and 5 general stores in Australia. In each store, there's a dedicated shelf exclusively for your scented candles, candles from other manufacturers don't receive this special treatment, because your candles have impressive sales, providing me with substantial profits."


"I have importing candles from THEA for 3 years, and nearby supermarkets, grocery stores, candle stores, and gift stores wholesale the candles from me. All of them are satisfied with the price and quality of THEA candles, I'm so glad that I can help their candle business."

Reviews from Retail End Consumers

"Ever since I purchased scented candles from this store, my household's consumption has increased from 1 candle per week to 3, because the prices are so affordable that I don't hesitate to spend my money, even when lighting multiple candles at once."


"Every summer I buy lots of citronella candles from this store and put them around the living room or yard, because they are really great. If you're working outdoors, dining out or camping, be sure to have citronella candles ready - it will save your arms from lots of mosquito bites."


"Very good value for tea light candles, I use 1-2 every day, so I always buy 100 or 200 at a time, enough for me to use for a long time. They don’t produce smoke or have a choking smell, and burn very cleanly. I really love them and often recommend them to my friends. Next time, I might try the scented tea lights; it should provide a different wonderful experience."

Customized Services