About us

THEA Candle, hailing from China, is a candle supplier committed to delivering unmatched quality and customer service in the realm of candles and home scents. Ever since our establishment, we’ve devoted ourselves ardently to the craft of candle-making, blending each of our masterpieces with a harmonious mix of heritage and ingenuity.

Our product spectrum encompasses everything from traditional tapers and pillars to votives and tealights, offered in a broad array of fragrance combinations and color selections. Our perfumed candles are meticulously fashioned with a handpicked assortment of scents from across the globe, guaranteeing a lush and singular sensory journey.

Our dedication to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction has made us one of the leading candle suppliers not only in China but globally. We are proud to say that our candles grace homes, hotels, restaurants, and events all around the world, spreading light and joy wherever they go.

Whether you’re on a quest to find the ideal candle that matches your home aesthetics, seeking a distinctive present for someone special, or in need of a vast inventory for your enterprise or occasion, THEA Candle extends its services to you. We invite you to delve into our assortment and experience the remarkable transformation that a truly extraordinary candle can offer.

Trust in the glow of THEA Candle – We Light Your World.