How to Customize Scented Candles from a China Factory

Want to design your own signature scented candles? Getting custom candles made in China can be easy and affordable if you follow these tips.

Choose a Reputable Factory

The first step is finding a reliable candle factory in China that can handle custom orders. Look for manufacturers that have been in business for many years and have experience making scented candles for international clients. Check their website and product catalog to get an idea of their capabilities. Are they able to make the type, shape, and size of candle you want? Do they offer the fragrances, colors, packaging, labeling, and decorations you’re looking for? Narrow down the list to a few factories that seem to fit your needs.

Ask for Samples

Before placing a large order, request samples from the factories on your short list. Most candle makers in China will send a few sample candles so potential customers can assess quality firsthand. Check that the candles meet expected standards in terms of fragrance strength and throw, burn time, wax appearance and texture.

Choose Your Candle Specifications

Once you’ve selected a candle factory to work with, it’s time to provide your custom specifications. Most factories will send you a form to fill out or have you list the details in an email. Consider the following:

  • Candle shape and size: Select from common shapes like pillars, tins, and jars or create a fully custom mold. Specify the dimensions.
  • Wax type: Popular options are soy, paraffin, or a blend. Soy is often preferred for eco-friendliness while paraffin gives a smooth appearance.
  • Fragrance(s): Choose from the factory’s fragrance catalogue or provide your own formulated scent. Keep in mind that some complex fragrance blends may require an additional setup fee.
  • Fragrance strength: Assess the scent throw you want when sampling candles and request that same intensity.
  • Color(s): Pick one color or multiple colors throughout the candle. White, ivory, or cream colored wax is most common.
  • Inclusions or decorations: Many factories can embed extras like dried flowers, crystals, glitter, seashells, etc. into your candles.
  • Vessel: Select standard jars and tins or fully customized packaging.
  • Labels: Provide your branding, graphics, and text for paper labels. Some factories also offer engraved or etched glass.
  • Quantity: Lower per unit costs come with larger orders, usually 500+ candles.

Get a Quote and Production Timeline

The candle factory will take your specifications and provide a pricing quote, often as price per unit based on total order quantity. Expect to get quotes from a few different factories to compare. Turnaround time for production and shipping will also be estimated at this stage, which can range from 2-8 weeks depending on order size and customization level.

Place an Order and Arrange Shipping

When you’re ready to move forward, place the official purchase order and arrange payment. Many factories accept credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, or Alibaba Trade Assurance payments for security. Discuss international shipping options and costs, such as air or sea freight, which the factory can arrange and include as a total order price.

Oversee Production and Inspect Final Products

Throughout the production process, check in with your factory contact for updates and photos. For more complex custom orders, it can also be worthwhile to pay for an independent quality control company to inspect products at various production stages and before final shipping. When candles are finished and ready to ship, inspect them upon arrival to check for damage and ensure all specifications were properly met.

Ordering custom scented candles from a China factory can offer significant cost savings compared to domestic options. Following these tips will help ensure a smooth ordering process and high quality customized candles tailored to your brand. With an attentive factory and clear communication about your vision, you’ll be able to enjoy branding your own signature scents and designs.