Scented Candles to Warm Up Your Winter

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, there’s nothing quite like lighting a scented candle to make your home feel cozy and bright. Scented candles are a great way to add warmth, ambiance, and aroma to any space during the winter months. The right winter candle scent can transport you to a lodge in the mountains, remind you of the holidays, or simply help you relax after a long day. Here are some of the best scented candle options for warming up your winter.

Woodsy Scents

Earthy, woodsy scents are perfect for creating a cozy cabin vibe during the winter. Look for candles with notes like pine, cedar, birch, cypress, oakmoss, and sandalwood. These natural aromas are reminiscent of a walk through snowy woods or sitting by a crackling fireplace. Try scented candles like WoodWick’s “Forest” with its blend of fir needle, cedar, and pine or Nest’s “Birchwood Pine” candle. You can also find candles inspired by fresh Christmas trees, like Yankee Candle’s “Balsam and Cedar” or Bath and Body Works’ “Fresh Balsam.” Close your eyes, breathe in the scent, and you’ll instantly feel transported away from the cold outside.

Warming Scents

Nothing chases away the winter chill quite like candles with warming, spicy aromas. Look for scents featuring notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, and ginger to warm you from the inside out. Some great options are Village Candle’s “Spiced Cider” with apple and cinnamon notes, P.F. Candle’s “Mulled Wine” featuring red wine and spices, and Homesick’s “Cozy Cabin” with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and red currants. Light one of these candles while sipping on some hot apple cider or cocoa for a doubly warming effect.

Festive Scents

Capture the sights and smells of the holidays with candles featuring festive seasonal scents. Go for the smell of fresh baked sugar cookies with WoodWick’s “Cookie Jar” candle or Yankee Candle’s “Sugar Cookie.” Enjoy scents inspired by Christmas trees and wreaths like Bath and Body Works’ “Fresh Balsam” and Nest’s “Holiday Classic Candle.” Capture the smell of a cozy winter kitchen mid-bake with Village Candle’s “Gingerbread” or Homesick’s “Sugar Cookie Dough” candles. Or opt for the warm aroma of apple pie, hot toddies, and chestnuts roasting with candles like Yankee Candle’s “Hot Buttered Rum” and Bath and Body Works’ “Spiced Apple Toddie.” Light one of these festive candles for an instant dose of holiday cheer.

Relaxing Scents

After busy days spent running around shopping, traveling, and attending holiday parties, treat yourself to some relaxation with calming candle scents. Try soothing lavender or chamomile candles like Serenity by Jan’s “Lavender Fields” or Pacifica’s “French Lilac” candle. Let the sweet scent of vanilla help you unwind with Village Candle’s “Vanilla Snowflake” or WoodWick’s “Vanilla Frost” candle. Or opt for a bright, clean scent like Homesick’s “Fresh Linen” candle or Nest’s “Coastal Moss + Rosewater” candle. Breathing in these calming aromas while soaking in a warm bath or curling up with a good book is a perfect way to de-stress this winter.

Whimsical Scents

Have a little fun warming up your winter with candles featuring playful, whimsical scents. Think childhood nostalgia, like the aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies, hot chocolate, candy canes, and marshmallows. Check out fun candles like Homesick’s “Saturday Morning Cartoons” with fruity cereal notes, Village Candle’s “Hot Cocoa” scented with chocolate and sweet cream, and WoodWick’s “Peppermint Twist” with notes of candy cane and vanilla. Yankee Candle even makes a candle that smells just like the inside of a candy store, called “Candy Cane Lane.” Light one of these playfully scented candles to add a touch of sweetness and joy to your winter.

This winter, fill your home with cozy warmth, festive holiday cheer, soothing relaxation, or sweet nostalgia with scented candles designed for the season. Whatever your winter aroma preferences may be, there are countless candle options to make your indoor space feel just right all season long. Just add your favorite fuzzy blanket, a cup of hot tea or cocoa, and let your favorite scented candle whisk you away to a winter wonderland.