What is your favorite scent for scented candles?

Scented candles can transform any space. The subtle aromas evoke memories, set a mood, and make a house feel like a home. With so many fragrance options to choose from, what scents appeal most to locals here in our town? I sat down with three residents to find out their favorite scented candle scents and why they love them so much.

Jane Smith, a 28-year old accountant, is drawn to fresh, clean scents like lemon and cotton. “I gravitate towards citrus scents. My favorite is a lemon verbena candle I found at a local shop downtown. The bright, crisp lemon reminds me of summertime and feels refreshing. I light it in the mornings sometimes to help wake me up and feel energized.” For Jane, the uplifting lemon fragrance boosts her mood and productivity as she starts her workday.

Meanwhile, 65-year old retired teacher Barbara Davis loves floral candles. “Lavender and jasmine scented candles are my favorite. The soft, delicate floral scents are just so soothing after a long day. My husband and I like to light a lavender candle in the evenings as we unwind with a cup of tea or sit out on the porch. It’s a simple routine, but the floral aroma helps signal that it’s time to relax.” For Barbara, floral scents promote tranquility and relaxation amid her busy retirement schedule.

On the other hand, 21-year old college student Chris Lee is drawn to earthy, woodsy scents. “My roommate bought a mahogany teakwood candle last year, and I was instantly obsessed. The rich woody aroma reminds me of being in a cozy cabin in the woods. Now I always keep a pine or cedarwood candle on hand. When I’m studying for exams or writing papers, I’ll light one up. The natural scent helps me feel calm and focused.” For Chris, earthy woodsy fragrances evoke a sense of the great outdoors and concentration.

Beyond lemon, floral, and woodsy scents, there are a myriad of scented candle options out there from clean cotton to sugary vanilla. When speaking to other locals around town, there seems to be no consensus on the best fragrance. “I prefer fruity scents like peach or raspberry,” says 32-year old Jessica Cruz. Meanwhile, Alan Smith, a 45-year old insurance salesman, is partial to musky sandalwood and tobacco scented candles. The variety of preferences just demonstrates how scents and aromas impact people differently based on memories, experiences, and personal taste.

Despite our different favorite fragrances, one thing most locals seem to agree on is that scented candles add a special touch to any home or space. They influence our moods, trigger nostalgia, and help us relax or focus. So the next time you’re looking to add some ambiance to your home, experiment with different scented candles. Consider citrus scents to energize, floral for calm, or woodsy to promote concentration. Or challenge your senses with an entirely new aroma. Let your nose guide you towards scents that you find pleasing. With the vast array of scented candle options available today, there’s a perfect fragrance out there for everyone.