What type of candles are suitable for wedding candles?

Your wedding candles serve as a beautiful representation of your union, so it’s important to select the right ones to complement your wedding décor and style. Here are some tips on choosing wedding candles that will be both beautiful and meaningful.

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are a classic option for wedding altars and reception tables. These tall, cylindrical candles come in a variety of heights, widths, and colors. Plain white pillars look elegant and let your flowers and other decor shine. Or opt for pillars in metallic colors like gold, silver, or mercury glass for a glamorous look. Ivory, cream, and pale pink pillars also make lovely choices. Arrange towering pillars on the altar or shorter versions on reception tables.

Taper Candles

Slender taper candles are another traditional wedding candle option. Often used in candelabras, aisle decor, or ceremony seating, taper candles create a timeless romantic glow. Look for taper candles in popular wedding hues like white, ivory, blush pink, or gold. For dramatic lighting, choose extra-long tapers. Varying taper heights in your candle arrangements adds visual interest.

Votive Candles

Votive candles are short, stout candles perfect for scattering en masse. Their petite size makes them ideal for reception table centerpieces and aisle or walkway decor. Votives come in glass holders or can be purchased as standalone candles. Opt for classic white votives or colors that match your wedding palette. Votives can be arranged formally or scattered for organic flourish. Floating votives in glass vases or bowls filled with water or flowers make stunning centerpieces.

Scented and Colored Candles

Scented and colored candles infuse your wedding with ambiance. Lavender, vanilla, jasmine, and clean linen are popular scented candle varieties for weddings. Light scents work best so they don’t overpower. For colored candles, soft hues like light pink, peach, seafoam, buttercream, and pale blue make romantic options. Bolder tones can illuminate reception halls in your color scheme. Just take care that colored candles don’t stain linen.

Poured Candles

For DIY flair, consider pouring your own pillar or votive candles. You can customize the color and scent. Arrange seashells, dried flowers, or other trinkets in the wax before cooling for a personalized embeded design. This adds a thoughtful handmade touch.

LED Candles

For couples concerned about safety, LED flameless candles make worry-free options. They provide the same soft, flattering light without the fire risk. Use LED tapers and pillars on the altar or votives on reception tables. Just be sure they don’t look overly fake. Quality LED candles give a convincing real wax glow.

Choose wedding candles that suit your wedding style and vision. The options are endless when it comes to infusing candlelight into your special day. Whether you prefer tried and true pillar candles or unique poured designs, lighting plays a huge role in setting the scene for your ceremony and reception.