WHOLESALE Cube Bubble Candles

  • Cube bubble candles have a unique shape that combines the bubbled look with a faceted cubic form. They are made from paraffin or soy wax molded into a square or rectangular cube shape, usually about 2-4 inches in size.
  • Cube bubble candles are freestanding and do not require any kind of holder or container, the hard wax holds the shape on its own.
  • To make them, wax is poured into cube-shaped silicone molds and allowed to fully set and cure before removing.
  • Cube bubble candles make interesting tabletop decor for parties, weddings and special occasions, their unique form catches the eye.
  • Like all candles, cube bubble candles should be burned safely on a heat-safe surface away from drafts. Never leave a lit candle unattended.

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