WHOLESALE Candle Holders

  • Candle holders provide a base to place a candle in and elevate it off the surface. Common materials for candle holders include glass, metal, ceramic, wood, and stone.
  • Candle holders serve both functional and decorative purposes. Functionally, they catch dripped wax and elevate the flame to disperse light. Decoratively, they enhance the visual display. For safety, candle holders should be nonflammable and sturdy. They keep the flame contained in one spot and prevent the candle from tipping over.
  • Factors like the candle shape, size, and base determine what kind of holder works best. Votives, tapers, pillars and tealights each may need different holders.
  • Holder styles include pedestals, cups, bowls, lanterns, hurricane vases, candelabras. There are travel holders, wall-mounted holders, hanging holders and tabletop holders.
  • Candle holders can range from minimalist to ornately detailed in support of themes like modern, rustic, floral, or spiritual aesthetics.

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