WHOLESALE Taper Candle Holders

  • Taper candles are long, slender candles that are approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. They require specialty holders to keep them upright. Taper candle holders provide a stable base and prevent tall taper candles from tipping over. The candle tips should extend 1-2 inches above the holder.
  • Popular styles of taper candle holders include:
    Candlesticks – Tall, vertical holders designed for a single taper candle. Usually 4-12 inches high.
    Candlestick Bases – Wide, heavy bases that hold multiple taper candles upright. Often made of glass, crystal or metal.
    Candelabras – Elaborate branched holders that allow multiple taper candles to be displayed in a tiered or symmetrical arrangement.
    Votive Cups – Small glass cups, typically an inch or two high, meant to hold votive or small taper candles.
    Wrought Iron Holders – Holders with a wire frame or stand to hold taper candles in place. Offer more airflow.
  • The two key features of any taper candle holder are stability and proper height. The holder should be weighted and sturdy enough to prevent tipping of the tall candles.
  • Taper candle holders allow taper candles to burn safely and beautifully, providing attractive lighting for table centerpieces, fireplace mantels, and more.

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