WHOLESALE Tea Light Candle Holders

  • Tea lights are small, flat candles in metal or plastic containers that are about wide 1 to 1.5 inches and high 0.5 inches. Tea light holders provide a safe platform to hold the tea light and catch melted wax.
  • Common materials for tea light holders include glass, metal, ceramic, and stone. Glass allows the candlelight to shine through. Simple tea light holders include cups, votives, jars, bowls, and hurricane vases. Elaborate ones may have cutouts, hang from chains, or sit on pedestals.
  • Votive holders have short stems and small cups to hold tea lights. They often come in sets for table centerpieces. Hurricane vases fully enclose the tea light in glass to protect the flame. Cylinder or square shapes contain the light. Novelty holders come in shapes like stars, hearts, animals, or flowers. The tea light sits in a holder underneath.
  • Tea light holders should be heat resistant and not tip over easily. The candle container should not touch sides of the holder.
  • Creative displays use grouped tea light holders on tables, countertops, fireplace mantels, and shelves to create warm ambient lighting.

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