WHOLESALE Christmas Candles

  • Christmas candles are candles made in festive shapes related to Christmas, shaped candles help set a Christmas mood and ambiance. Popular shapes include Christmas trees, snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas bells, candy canes, etc. Christmas candles may be made from paraffin blend soy wax.
  • Christmas are primarily used decoratively rather than for lighting. Their festive shapes and smells evoke the smells and feelings of Christmas. Christmas candles are widely available during the holiday season in stores, seasonal shops, and online. Prices range from inexpensive to high-end decorative candles.
  • Burn times tend to be shorter than standard taper or pillar candles due to their shapes and decorative additions. But they provide festive ambiance.
  • Popular ways to display Christmas candles are on mantels, windowsills, centerpieces, side tables, outdoor railings, and tabletop candle holders.

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