Flameless LED Candles

  • Flameless candles provide the aesthetic of a lit candle without an open flame. They are powered by batteries instead of wax and a wick. The “flame” is created by a small light bulb or LED illuminated from within a wax shell to mimic a real candle flame. Some flicker to resemble natural movement.
  • Flameless candles are convenient, as there is no need to repeatedly light them or scrape up melted wax. They are clean and don’t produce smoke or wax drips. They don’t get hot to the touch and can stay lit indefinitely.
  • Flameless candles are much safer than real candles as there is no fire risk. Settings where open flames are prohibited, such as dorm rooms, nursing homes or memorial displays, often permit flameless candles. They can be left unattended without posing a hazard.
  • Battery-operated flameless candles run on button cell or AA batteries. Rechargeable versions are available. Bulb and battery life can vary from hours to years depending on use.
  • Flameless candles come in many sizes and styles – tapers, votives, pillars, tealights. Colors range from ivory to rainbow, they work well for mood lighting or as night lights.

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