Reed Diffuser

  • Reed diffusers are a popular way to scent and fragrance a room in a subtle, natural way. They utilize bamboo reeds and essential oils, Benefits of reed diffusers include no flames and smoke.
  • A basic reed diffuser consists of a glass or ceramic bottle filled with a scented liquid, into which several dried, cut bamboo reeds are placed. The reeds absorb the scented oil and slowly diffuse the fragrance into the surrounding air through evaporation.
  • Reed diffuser bottles often have a decorative or stylish look to act as home decor. Common scents for reed diffusers include floral, fruit, spice, essential oil, and seasonal blends.
  • To use a reed diffuser, simply invert the reeds every 2-3 days to renew diffusion, add more scent when the liquid starts getting low, and they last 4-8 weeks on average.
  • Placement tips: Keep near airflow but not in direct sunlight. Placing near vents or breezy windows helps diffusion.

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