WHOLESALE Scented Candles

  • Scented candles are candles that have been infused with fragrant oils to provide a pleasant aroma when lit. Popular scents include floral, fruit, and spice fragrances. They are made from wax that acts as a carrier for the scent, usually paraffin or soy wax. The fragrance oils are added to the heated wax before the candle is formed.
  • When the candle is burned, the heat releases the aroma from the oil, filling the surrounding area with the scent. The candle diffusion disperses the scent effectively. Scented candles help set a mood, provide relaxation, and make a home smell inviting. Certain scents like lavender may have calming properties as well.
  • Using scented candles can be an alternative to artificial air fresheners or sprays. The scent is delivered naturally through the candle burning rather than chemical diffusers. There are many types of scented candles available including jar candles, pillar candles, tea lights, votives and more.
  • Properly caring for scented candles involves trimming the wick to 1⁄4” before lighting to prevent smoking, avoiding drafts, and not burning the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

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