WHOLESALE Shaped Scented Candles

  • Shaped scented candles are scented candles that come in decorative shapes and figures instead of just circular jars or pillars. Popular shapes include animals, fruits, flowers, holiday figures, and more. The shapes are molded from wax, either paraffin or soy wax typically, and then infused with scents.
  • Shaping the wax allows the candles to complement a room’s décor, reflect hobbies or interests, or tie into a holiday theme. The shapes often match the candle scent as well, like a strawberry-scented candle shaped like a strawberry.
  • In addition to providing decorative appeal, shaped scented candles serve the same functions as regular scented candles. When lit, they emit their fragrance to scent a room or area.
  • Shaped scented candles make for unique gifts for any occasion too. The recipient can enjoy the candle shape initially and then the aroma.
  • With the endless shape and scent combinations, shaped scented candles allow for creativity and customization to suit anyone’s style or home décor. They add special flair over standard candle designs.

If you have any custom requests, please email us at sales@theacandleco.com. We’d be happy to help you.

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