WHOLESALE Taper Candles

  • Taper candles are long, thin candles that are thicker at the bottom and taper up to a point at the top. They are generally made from paraffin or beeswax. Taper candles come in many sizes, from very short votives to tall dinner candles over 12 inches. Common sizes are 6″, 9″, and 12″.
  • Tapers burn slowly and evenly due to their shape. The melted wax pools at the base of the flame and is absorbed into the wick, helping the candle burn down smoothly.
  • Advantages of taper candles include their classic elegance, even burn, versatility, and warm lighting. Disadvantages are they require continual attention, can drip wax. Taper holders ranging from candlesticks to hurricanes help collect dripping wax and provide a base for the taper.
  • Popular colors are white and ivory, but tapers come in any color as well as patterns and designs. They can be plain or embellished with beads, flowers, etc.
  • Taper candles are a traditional candle choice that create an elegant, sophisticated mood. Their tall tapered shape makes them ideal for candlelit dinners and formal decor.

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