WHOLESALE Tea Light Candles

  • Tea light candles are a type of small, round candle meant to be burned for a short period of time. They are typically made of paraffin wax of or soy wax. Tea lights get their name from their original use of heating teapots, but now they are utilized for decor, ambiance, crafts, and more. They are small in size, usually high 1-1.5 inches and diameter 0.5-1 inches.
  • Tea lights come unscented or scented with various fragrances. Popular varieties are floral, spice, seasonal, and citrus scents. Tea lights emit a soft glow perfect for creating ambiance. From weddings to outdoor activities to cosy home decor, tea light candles are a versatile and easy way to add charming lighting and scent. Their short burn time of 1-4 hours also helps reduce cost.
  • Safety tips include placing them in properly sized holders, keeping away from drafts, not leaving unattended when lit, and extinguishing fully after use.

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