Christmas Home Decor Colorful Scented Tealight Candles

Elevate the ambiance in any room of your home with these colorful scented tealight candles. Each candle comes housed in a stylish aluminum tin printed, the candle wax is dyed in vivid hues like deep crimson, sunflower yellow, ocean teal, and more. Light one of these petite tealights and let the color dance around you as the candle glows. But it’s not just about beauty – each tealight is infused with essential oils to release invigorating scents of eucalyptus, soothing lavender, bright citrus, and other uplifting aromas. The aluminum tins ensure the fragrances stay strong and focused. With their dazzling colors and delightful scents, these affordable tealights create a welcoming ambience in any room. Arrange several together for a stunning display that makes a stylish statement while setting the desired mood.

  • Offer customization services for logos and scents.
  • All products are from factory, available only for wholesale.

Additional information

Raw Material

paraffin wax








Ensure storage in a dry, shaded area. Avoid direct sunlight and strong light.

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