Classic Bell Shaped Scented Candle Extinguisher Snuffer

The Bell Shaped Candle Extinguisher is the safe and stylish way to extinguish candle flames. This handy tool features a classic bell-shaped metal dome on a long handle that lets you easily snuff out candles without burning your fingers. Made of durable stainless steel, it blends into any decor seamlessly. To use, simply place the bell cover over the lit candle. The curved dome swiftly puts out the flame by cutting off the oxygen supply. It also catches wax drippings in its basin to prevent messy spills. The long handle keeps hands safely away from the heat. Whether you need to extinguish tall tapers, wide pillars, or shallow votives, the Bell Shaped Candle Extinguisher lets you quickly and safely snuff out candlelight.

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stainless steel

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