Classic Stainless Steel Scented Candles Wick Hook Dipper

For all candle aficionados, the Stainless Steel Candle Wick Dipper serves as a valuable asset. Its purpose is to extinguish your candles without smoke, thereby maintaining the wick’s quality. The handle, elongated and sleek, is perfect for reaching deep candle jars, while the curved end enables the wick to be dipped into the liquid wax, putting out the flame smokelessly. Post-dipping, the wick resurfaces, prepared for subsequent use. The stainless steel makeup ensures an attractive look and promises durability and rust-protection. This wick dipper, a sustainable option to traditional candle snuffers, brings a blend of practicality and elegance to your candle usage experience.

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Additional information

Raw Material

stainless steel


black, gold, rose gold, silver

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