Clear Glass Cup Vintage Home Fragrance Scented Candle

Experience the serene environment crafted by our Scented Candle. Contained in a sophisticated clear glass cup, it emits a gentle, mesmerizing light that illuminates your surroundings. This carefully poured candle combines high-grade wax with exotic fragrances sourced worldwide, permeating your living space with an alluring scent. Perfect as a thoughtful gift or for personal relaxation, it provides an extraordinary aromatic voyage. Noted for its extensive burn life, this candle guarantees numerous serene evenings. The Scented Candle isn’t just an appealing home accessory; it’s the conduit to a peaceful and aromatic sanctuary in your own dwelling.

  • Offer customization services for logos and scents.
  • All products are from factory, available only for wholesale.

Additional information

Raw Material

fragrance oil, soy wax


rose, bluebell, freesia, jasmine, blood orange, vanilla coconut milk, sage, white peach oolong, lavender, gardenia


glass cup





Burn Time

11 hours


12 pcs/box, 225 pcs/case


Ensure storage in a dry, shaded area. Avoid direct sunlight and strong light.


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