Multicolor Home Wedding Smokeless Scented Pillar Candle

Introducing the Multicolor Scented Pillar Candle, a delightful addition to any living space. This exquisite candle isn’t just a visual treat, its vibrant colors blending seamlessly to create an engaging display; it also elevates your sensory experience with a symphony of fragrances. Each color corresponds to a unique scent, transforming your room as the candle burns layer by layer. Handcrafted from the finest natural wax, it ensures a slow, clean burn, allowing you to enjoy the fragrances longer. Whether you need a relaxing atmosphere or a joyful energy, this candle adapts to your mood. The Scented Pillar Candle: a symphony of color and scent that invites tranquility and charm into your home. Discover the mesmerizing fusion of colors and scents now.

  • Offer customization services for logos and scents.
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Additional information

Raw Material

paraffin wax


blue, green, ivory white, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow


lemon, jasmine, sakura, rose, ocean, lavender, vanilla, green tea


3.8cm(D)*5cm(H), 5cm(D)*10cm(H), 5cm(D)*5cm(H), 5cm(D)*7.5cm(H), 7.5cm(D)*10cm(H), 7.5cm(D)*15cm(H), 7.5cm(D)*20cm(H), 7.5cm(D)*25cm(H), 7.5cm(D)*7.5cm(H)


Ensure storage in a dry, shaded area. Avoid direct sunlight and strong light.


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