Set 3 Metal Iron Copper Color Crafts Taper Candle Holders

  • Material: Made of copper-colored metal iron, not made of pure copper.
  • Set of 3 holders. Each holder can hold one taper candle.
  • Simple and elegant design with round/cylindrical shape. The holders have an opening at the top to insert a taper candle and a base to allow the holder to stand upright.
  • Intended use is for decorative/ambient lighting. The copper color and taper candles can add a warm glow and vintage/rustic charm to a space.
  • Holder sizes vary slightly to create an aesthetic staggered look. Approximate dimensions are 2.5-7.5 inches tall with 1.6 inch diameters on the bases.
  • Budget-friendly price point compared to solid copper candle holders. Provides a copper look without the higher cost.
  • Overall, it’s a simple but versatile candle holder set to add warm, cozy lighting to a home or event. The copper color and taper compatibility allow for flexibility in styling.
  • Offer customization services for logos and scents.
  • All products are from factory, available only for wholesale.

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