Custom Classic Church Home Decor Unscented Pillar Candle

Introducing the Unscented Pillar Candle, a tasteful addition to your abode that epitomizes elegance. Artfully designed, it effortlessly complements all decor themes, from traditional to modern. This premium candle, made from high-grade wax, offers a prolonged, residue-free burn, adding to the atmosphere without overwhelming it with fragrance. Perfect for social events, quiet get-togethers, or personal relaxation, its unscented characteristic offers a subtle charm. The candle’s substantial size and sturdy design convey an element of sophistication. Be it casting a soothing radiance for a calm night in or as a decorative accent, this Pillar Candle marries purpose and design perfectly. Experience a heightened sense of homeliness with this multifaceted decor item.

  • Offer customization services for logos and scents.
  • All products are from factory, available only for wholesale.

Additional information

Raw Material

paraffin wax


blue, green, ivory white, red, white


6cm(D)*10cm(H), 6cm(D)*15cm(H), 6cm(D)*20CM(H), 6cm(D)*7.5cm(H), 7cm(D)*10cm(H), 7cm(D)*15cm(H), 7cm(D)*20cm(H), 7cm(D)*8cm(H)


Ensure storage in a dry, shaded area. Avoid direct sunlight and strong light.