Wholesale Scented Candles no Label For Sale From China

Scented candles are a popular product that many people enjoy having in their homes. Their lovely fragrances can help create cozy and relaxing environments. If you want to start a business selling scented candles, sourcing them wholesale from China can be a great way to get quality products at low prices. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to wholesale scented candles with no labels from China for your business.

Research Manufacturers

The first step is researching and finding reputable candle manufacturers in China that offer label-free wholesale scented candles. Google is a good place to start searching. Search candle suppliers and evaluate factors like product variety, minimum order quantities, pricing, quality control, previous buyer reviews and production capabilities. Shortlist a few suppliers that seem to align well with your needs.

Contact the Suppliers

Once you have identified some potential suppliers, reach out to them to express your interest in wholesaling their label-free scented candles. Inquire about their minimum order quantities, production timelines, and any requirements they have for new wholesale partners. Be sure to ask for their wholesale pricing catalogs as well as product specifications like candle sizes, shapes, scents and wick types they can provide. They may request details about your company and the volumes you intend to order.

Request Samples

Before placing a large wholesale order, first request sample products from the manufacturer. Most suppliers in China will provide a few samples so potential wholesale buyers can evaluate the candle quality. Make sure the samples have the variety of scents, sizes and designs you are interested in selling. When the samples arrive, inspect them carefully. Evaluate the candle scents, colors, labels, packaging and burning time. This will confirm if the manufacturer can deliver what you need for your small business.

Discuss Customization

Many candle manufacturers in China are willing to customize products for wholesale buyers. If you want your candles to have a certain shape, size, fragrance, label or packaging, discuss this with your supplier. They can advise if your custom requirements are feasible and give price quotes for customized products. You may need to order larger volumes to make customization cost-effective. Clear communication will ensure the factory produces candles aligned with your vision.

Place a Small Trial Order

Once satisfied with the sample products, go ahead and place your first small wholesale order. Start with a trial order for a few dozen or hundred candles across the different scents and designs you want to carry. Confirm order details like production timeline, shipping method, packaging specifications and payment terms before placing the order. Paying a percentage upfront is common practice.

Inspect and Test the Order

When your first wholesale order arrives, thoroughly inspect and test the products. Make sure all items are present and match what you ordered. Check for any defects and test burn the candles, noting the scent strength and burn times. Give feedback to the manufacturer regarding the order quality. If any issues, discuss solutions like remakes or refunds. If the trial order meets expectations, you can continue ordering from this supplier with confidence.

Market the Candles

Now you have wholesale label-free candles sourced from China at your fingertips. Focus your efforts on effectively marketing and selling your imported candles. Come up with a brand name, design appealing labels, create gift packaging and make a website to showcase your products. Reach out to local boutiques, gift shops and home décor retailers to supply your wholesale candles. Attend trade shows and craft fairs to introduce your products. Leverage social media and online platforms like Etsy to promote your candle brand.

Grow Your Business

As customer demand for your products increases, reorder wholesale candles from your China supplier to keep up with inventory needs. Nurture relationships with retail partners selling your candles by providing excellent customer service and reasonable minimum order volumes for wholesale purchases. Stay aware of emerging candle trends and consider adding new scents, designs, gift sets and candle accessories to your wholesale catalog. Scale your imports as your small business grows.

Sourcing wholesale scented candles with no labels directly from manufacturers in China can be a profitable endeavor. Following these steps will help you establish reliable supply relationships and build a thriving business around selling imported candles. With quality candle products and clever marketing, you can create a distinctive brand and healthy revenues.