WHOLESALE Citronella Candles

  • Citronella candles incorporate oil derived from the citronella plant. This plant is a species of grass emitting a robust lemony aroma, an effective insect-repellent candle might contain around 5% to 10% citronella oil. Citronella candles serve as a natural alternative to artificial chemical bug sprays.
  • Citronella candles are often used outdoors in patios, decks, and campsites to help keep mosquitoes away so people can enjoy the outdoors without getting bitten as much. They provide a zone of insect repellency around where they are placed when lit.
  • Using citronella candles does not completely eliminate mosquito bites, but research shows that they can reduce bites by around 42-48% compared to not using any repellent. So while not completely effective, they do cut down on bites significantly.
  • When burning citronella candles, it’s best to place them strategically near where people will be sitting, and upwind because the scent needs to reach the human targets to be most effective.

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