WHOLESALE Floating Candles

  • Floating candles are candles designed to float on water. They have a wick and wax body like regular candles, common shapes is rounded. They are made of wax formulas that enable them to float such as paraffin, vegetable, or soy waxes. Beeswax is too dense to float.
  • They create a peaceful, mystical ambiance when placed in bowls, vases, or glasses filled with water, the floating candles appear to magically float and glow.
  • Floating candles are widely used for centerpieces, outdoor ponds and pools, baths and spas, and candlelit relaxation. They glow for 5-12 hours depending on size. The water helps regulate the candle’s temperature.
  • Advantages are their novelty and ambient lighting. Disadvantages include shorter burn times, higher costs, and the water element.
  • Safety tips: Use fire-safe containers, monitor water levels, keep away from flammables, and never leave burning candles unattended.

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