Attract Customers with Private Label Scented Candles for Your Store

Scented candles have become an incredibly popular product in recent years. Customers love being able to create an inviting aroma in their homes with lovely scented candles. As a store owner, offering private label scented candles with your own custom branding can bring in new customers and keep your existing customers coming back again and again. Here’s an overview of why private label scented candles are a smart product to offer and tips for finding the right candle manufacturer for your store.

Why Private Label Scented Candles?

Private label products allow you to put your store’s brand name and logo on products so customers associate that item with your business. This is incredibly valuable for retailers! When a customer burns a scented candle they love and sees your label on it, they will think of your store next time they need to buy a new candle.

Scented candles make perfect private label products because they are consumable – customers need to replace them over and over. You want repeat business, and scented candles deliver. Some key benefits of private labeling scented candles include:

  • Build Brand Recognition: Your store name and logo on the label keeps your brand top-of-mind.
  • Higher Profit Margins: You can markup private label items higher than wholesale products.
  • Customization: Get candles in scents and containers that fit your brand’s style.
  • Exclusivity: Private label candles can only be purchased at your store.
  • By offering custom scented candles you control the entire product and can make sure it aligns with your store’s aesthetics and target demographic.

Tips for Finding a Candle Manufacturer

Once you’ve decided to add private label candles to your store, how do you find the right manufacturing partner? Here are some tips for finding a candle company that offers exceptional service and quality:

  • Seek out candle makers that offer private labeling services. Many focus solely on their own brand. You want a company accustomed to custom orders.
  • Ask about minimum order quantities to make sure they can accommodate your store’s size and budget. Many require 1,000+ unit orders, but some will do 250 or 500 candles.
  • Look for a wide selection of scents and containers. You’ll want lots of options to find the perfect fit.
  • Inquire about labeling and design services. See if they’ll apply your logo and desired label design directly onto the candle.
  • Request samples before committing to a large order. You’ll want to see the quality firsthand.
  • Make sure they have safe practices like insurance coverage and testing for quality control. This protects you and your customers.
  • Check reviews and testimonials from their other retail clients to ensure a good reputation.
  • Choose a responsive company that answers questions promptly and provides guidance to new clients.
  • By vetting candle companies thoroughly, you can find the perfect partner to create scented candles that make your customers think of your brand whenever they get a whiff of that lovely fragrance!

Choosing Your Candle Scents

One of the most exciting parts of designing custom scented candles is deciding on the fragrances! You want scents that will have mass appeal to your target audience. Some tips for choosing candle scents include:

  • Opt for universally-loved scents like vanilla, lavender, eucalyptus, citrus, pine, clean cotton, etc.
  • Consider scents associated with seasons – cinnamon and pine for winter, floral and fruit for spring and summer.
  • If you have a specific brand identity, match scents to your style – ocean breezes for a coastal décor store, coffee and baked goods scents for a café.
  • Look at bestselling candle scents on sites like Etsy and in big retailers to see what’s broadly popular right now.
  • If possible, source scented oils made from natural essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Start with 3-5 candle scents, and add more later once you see which sell best.
  • Having a range of scents increases the odds each customer can find their perfect candle. Make sure to give each candle scent a descriptive name that conjures up the aroma’s personality and appeal.

Designing Your Candle Labels

Once you’ve selected your candle scents, it’s time to create the product labels! Your candle labels should reflect your brand’s aesthetic and make the candles look cohesive when displayed together. Some tips for candle label design:

  • Use your brand’s logo, name, and matching graphics like your website header or product packaging.
  • Keep the design clean and simple so it’s easy to read. The scent name should stand out.
  • Use color palettes and fonts that align with your brand style – modern, vintage, elegant, playful, etc.
  • Place the label horizontally or wrap it all the way around the jar. Vertical labels get hidden when candles are stacked.
  • Add enticing scent descriptions to labels to capture attention: Warm Vanilla & Spice, Sunny Lemongrass, etc.
  • Include instructions like “Burn candle for 2-3 hours” so new candle buyers know how to use them safely.
  • If you have room, incorporate storytelling on the label about your brand, origins of the scent, etc. This builds perceived value.
  • With the right label design, your candles will look like a professional cohesive collection while showcasing your brand’s style.

Displaying Your Scented Candles In-Store

Now for the fun part – displaying your shiny new scented candles in your store! Follow these tips to showcase them attractively:

  • Create candle “vignettes” with 3-5 candle jars artfully arranged together on shelves, tables, or display crates. Group by scent or coordinate container styles.
  • Sprinkle in complementary accessories like candle holders, matches, candle snuffers, fragrance sprays, etc. Show how they can be used together.
  • Inform staff about each candle scent’s prominent notes, strength, burn time, etc, so they can assist shoppers.
  • Set candles near cash registers to spur impulse purchases – many can’t resist grabbing a lovely candle!
  • Use signage to call out candle scents and interesting details about them.
  • Arrange candles seasonally – warmer scents up front in winter, citrus and floral fragrances during spring, etc.
  • Host special candle sampling events where customers can smell different scents burning and see how they fill a room.
  • With an enticing candle display and knowledgeable staff, your private label candles can become top sellers that keep customers coming back frequently for this staple item.

Promoting Your Candles

Don’t stop once your candles hit shelves! Be sure to promote them actively via your marketing channels:

  • Share photos spotlighting the candles elegantly displayed or styled in home décor.
  • Create social media and email campaigns focused just on the candles – tell their backstory, describe the scents, highlight uses.
  • Offer candle sales and discounts periodically to generate excitement and urgency to purchase.
  • Collaborate with social media influencers in your area to showcase the candles on their accounts.
  • Add a candle-of-the-month club where subscribers get a new limited-edition scent monthly.
  • Use candle purchase incentives, like a free candle for spending over $100 in-store.
  • Host DIY candle-making workshops using your candle jars and scents – customers make their own custom candles.
  • Staying top-of-mind with consistent candle promotion will guarantee your private label collection gets attention and drives substantial sales over time.

Light Up Sales with Private Label Candles

Offering custom scented candles showcases your brand beautifully while providing customers with an item they are guaranteed to use frequently. Consider all the tips covered to find the perfect candle manufacturing partner, choose winning scents and designs, display candles alluringly, and market them to maximize sales. With quality private label scented candles infused with your brand’s essence, you’re sure to see foot traffic and sales surge. The sweet scent of success awaits!