The Most Popular Candle Types Customers Adore in Candle Stores

Candles have become a staple home decor item and popular self-care tool. The global candle market size was valued at $13.5 billion in 2021, indicating their widespread appeal and demand. With endless options from scented to non-scented, and containers of all shapes, sizes and materials, what are the candle varieties proving most popular among customers? Here is an overview of the top-selling candle types that consumers love lighting up.

Scented Jar Candles

Arguably the most popular style of candle is the scented jar candle. These consist of wax with essential oils and fragrance, poured into a glass jar container. The jar allows the scent to fill the room while the candle burns. Customers love being able to see the candle wax and flames through the clear glass. Popular jar candle fragrances include fresh linen, lavender, pumpkin spice, eucalyptus, and vanilla. Jar shape and design details like lids, etching, or embossed patterns also appeal to consumers. The jars make gifting easy as well.

Votive or Tealight Candles

For versatile, affordable options, customers love votive or tealight candles. These are low profile, designed to sit in candle holders and melt for a few hours. The small size makes them suitable for scattering through a space, placing in windows, or using at the table. Votive and tealight candles come in an array of colors and fragrances, at lower price points. Customers also reuse leftover glass votive holders for small storage or decor. The candles are popular because they provide ambience and fragrance without as large a commitment.

Pillar Candles

Standing pillar candles are another candle variety with sustained popularity over time. Available in varying heights from 3 inches to over 3 feet, pillars work in candlesticks or holders. Unscented ivory pillar candles make classic wedding decor. Large pillar candles create focal points. Customers also love the variety of sculpted, colored, and artisan styles of pillar candles. The burn time of over a week also adds value.

Tumbler Candles

For portable light, tumbler candles are a top choice. These feature wax in a sturdy, inexpensive plastic or metal tumbler container. They often have lids to prevent wax spillage. Tumbler candle styles range from 3 ounce mini sizes to over 20 ounce large jars. The tumbler shape allows light to pass through the sides for ambience. Customers also love how the candles are meant to be portable and easy to carry from room to room. Popular in both scented and unscented versions, the tumblers offer an accessible candle option.

Floating Candles

Customers drawn to ambience love floating candles, designed to softly illuminate pools, bathtubs, and open waters. The candles float via disks or attachments on the bottom. Magical flickering light reflecting off the water creates a soothing atmosphere. Floating candles come in real wax and faux wax options, but consumers prefer the real wax for authenticity and scent dispersion. While floating votives are most common, pillar and ball styles are also available to support the candle while it burns atop water.

Vessel or Container Candles

Vessel candles feature wax fills inside decorative containers of glass, metal, or ceramic. Customers love being able to reuse and repurpose the holders once the candle burns out. Oil-rubbed bronze, mercury glass, and textured ceramic vessels lend style while the candle adds glow. The containers protect surfaces from heat damage. Popular vessel candle styles range from geometric and faceted to floral sculpted. Consumers can mix and match to coordinate colors and textures.

Gel Candles

For flameless options, gel candles have become a top choice. These utilize mineral oil gel with pigments and fragrance designed to resemble real wax. The gel candles offer flame-free ambience and scent. Customers love the crackling wick effect without having to trim wicks or deal with drips. Gel candles work well in draft prone spots where real candles struggle. Being flame and smoke-free makes gel candles suitable in hospitals, nursing homes, and other spaces as well. The candles come in stylish designs and containers too.

In conclusion, while personal preference guides individual customers, the types of candles flying off shelves include scented jars, votives, pillars, tumblers, floating, vessels, and gels. Factors like fragrance, design, burn time, ambience, and price help determine popularity. But overall, the candles that allow customers to express personal style while enjoying the light and scent appeal most. Companies finding ways to drive innovation and increase sustainability in these consistently favored candle varieties will lead category sales. The global passion for candles shines brightly through the sustained customer demand across classic and newly trending types.