Lace Transparent Glass Jar Smokeless Scented Candle

Introducing the Glass Jar Scented Candle, a fusion of style and aromatic bliss. Nestled within a sophisticated glass jar, this candle boasts premium soy wax, celebrated for its longer, cleaner burn. It exudes a serene, comforting light, enhancing any setting with its warmth. The tasteful design perfectly suits various interior styles. The scent is a luxurious mix of essential oils, featuring calming lavender, lush jasmine, and sweet vanilla, setting a relaxing mood. Perfect as a cherished present or a personal indulgence, our Scented Candle offers an exceptional olfactory adventure.

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Additional information

Raw Material

fragrance oil, soy wax


berry rose, black truffle, peach oolong, white tea, lime basil, osmanthus, magnolia, lavender, red teak


glass mason jar





Burn Time

30-35 hours


Ensure storage in a dry, shaded area. Avoid direct sunlight and strong light.