Simple Stainless Steel Plating Candle Wick Hook Dipper

The Simple Stainless Steel Plated Candle Wick Dipper is an essential candle accessory for snuffing out candles and protecting wicks. This elegantly designed dipper features a sleek, 18cm stainless steel handle that allows for easy access into candles of all sizes. The curved stainless steel dipping end safely submerges wicks into melted wax to extinguish flames cleanly without producing smoke. Wicks can then be lifted back up, ready for next use. With stainless steel plating, this dipper is rust-resistant and made to last. The slim, lightweight design adds refined utility to any candle lover’s collection. Protect wicks, prevent smoke, and elevate your candle experience with this versatile must-have accessory.

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stainless steel



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