Stainless Steel Scented Candle Tool Extinguisher Snuffer

The Stainless Steel Candle Extinguisher is the safe and easy way to extinguish candle flames. Made from high quality stainless steel, this candle snuffer features a long handle to protect hands and fingers from burns. The bell-shaped extinguisher cap fits neatly over the top of a burning candle, starving the flame of oxygen and putting it out quickly and effectively. Its curved design also catches any melted wax, preventing drips and spills. The sleek stainless steel construction gives it a modern look that complements any décor. Whether you need to extinguish votive candles, tapers, pillars or tea lights, the Stainless Steel Candle Extinguisher allows you to safely and easily snuff out candle flames in seconds. Its long reach protects from burns so you can extinguish candles quickly.

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Additional information

Raw Material

stainless steel


black, gold, rose gold, silver